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About me

I am Margarita Servera. I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and more than 15 years experience in the higher education sector as the head of international admissions and development at the Barcelona campus of TBS Education, a renowned business school.

Education Jump - Margarita Servera - Orientadora vocacional y universitaria.

Throughout my professional career, I have trained and specialised in vocational coaching and college counselling both in Spain and abroad.

My main goal is to help students discover their true potential and define a career plan that aligns with their interests, motivations and values.

Education Jump - Margarita Servera - Orientadora vocacional y universitaria.

My certifications and memberships

Bachelor in Psychology
College Counsellor Certificate
Certified SISEM Counsellor (Vocational Coaching)
International ACAC regular and committee member
Education Jump - Orientación vocacional y profesional para jóvenes universitarios. Talleres SISEM para escuela y universidad

Did you know that 33% of university students in Spain do not complete their college degree?

One of the main causes is the lack of directionand information. Making a decision like this at 17-18 years old is not easy, they don’t know what they want, they are overwhelmed, and they don’t have the information they need. I understand that choosing a career and a university can be an overwhelming decision that is full of doubts.

In Spain alone there are more than 250 universities and more than 20,000 worldwide. There are endlessalternatives and it can be difficult to know where to start.

The cost of identifying the right educational pathway for a young person’s profile and situation is much lower than the cost* of the wrong career pathway. * The OECD estimates that financing one year of university can cost between 2,000€ and 10,000€ on average.

To help young students navigate this process in an informed and safe way, I offer personalised counselling and expert advice.

In my approach to vocational guidance, I use a combination of coaching tools and techniques based on the SISEM Model of motivation (certified coach), as well as my experience in the field of psychology and higher education to provide comprehensive support to students. My goal is for every young person to feel empowered and confident when making decisions about their future education and career.