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Why Education Jump?

We address all relevant aspects to make informed decisions about your career and personal development.

We consider multiple dimensions such as interests, values, motivation, goals, socio-economic context, skills…

This holistic approach focuses on helping students develop a balanced vision of their future, ensuring that their choices are aligned with their identity and goals.

The service is based on a close and trusting relationship between the counsellor and the student. Through assessments, individual counselling sessions and with the young person at the centre of our approach, we create a personalised action plan that is tailored to the individual’s goals and preferences.

My accredited qualifications in different fields (psychology, college counselling and coaching) at national and international level (Spain, USA and France) and my professional experience leading the international admissions department of TBS Education Barcelona for over 15 years, has allowed me to develop the knowledge, the required skills and the network of contacts to be able to offer quality counselling at the highest level.

Education Jump - Orientación vocacional para jóvenes universitarios


We offer customised services for each individual throughout the entire process of orientation and career planning.


Education Jump - Servicios - Coaching vocacional en Palma de Mallorca

Discover your true vocation and build a meaningful career with the support of our vocational coaching.


Education Jump - Servicios - Education Jump - Servicios - Orientación universitaria

If you already have an idea of what you want to study, we can help you find the courses and universities that best match your profile.


Education Jump - Servicios - Estudios en el extranjero

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that will bring you new perspectives and opportunities. We are here to turn it into the most enriching experience for you.