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Orientation assessment

Choosing what to do after high school, or even changing direction at university, is not an easy task. Through the orientation assessment we will help you to make informed and confident decisions.

Education Jump - Orientación vocacional y profesional para jóvenes universitarios. Talleres SISEM para escuela y universidad

It is important that this choice is in line with your personality, motivations and interests.

Aimed at young high school or university students who are wondering about their future.

Free Initial consultation

We will discuss your situation with you and/or your parents, explain the benefits you will get and what the process will be like.

First session
Self-awareness exercises.

We will address questions such as Who am I? What am I like? What are my values?

Second session
Motivational drivers

We will work on exercises to explore what makes you tick.

Third session
Defining the components of the counselling project.

We will discover what you need to fulfil yourself professionally.

Fourth session
Developing professional and study tracks.
We will look to pair your characteristics with possible career and study paths.
Fifth session
Conclusion and sharing of the report.
During this last stage, you will validate your project; a coherent vision that’s in line with who you are.

It gathers the results of the work carried out during the sessions and the results of the exploration of the professional areas, possible subjects and/or bachelor or master studies that best fit your profile.

After these sessions you will be ready to:

Price: 420€ (including sessions, preparation and research time and report)